Emeralds in Colombia: myth, history and reality
Capitain Luis Lanchero - Muzo

In this picture the Captain Luis Lanchero fights the Spanish conquistadors by wearing emeralds around his neck. After some victorious battle in defense of the deposits was forced to capitulate also because of the hunting dogs used by the Spaniards.
Copyright: Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History

Raw emerald not suitable for cutting

Raw emerald mixed with a white quartz base. The total weight is 134.65 carats.

The History of the Emerald in Colombia is part of the civilization preceding the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. In the three millennia preceding European civilization the populations of North and South America had reached a fair level of artistic expression and the natives of the Muzo territory were well aware of the extraordinary value of the green gems they used for their jewelry.
"Archaeologists estimate that natives were mining and trading Colombian emeralds as early as 1000 BC (Sinkankas, 1981)".

Emerald and Other Beryls by John Sinkankas. Published by Chilton Book Company, 1981.

Made by Gems Import in Colombia

Reproduction in yellow gold and natural emerald of pre-Columbian Art made by Gems Import in Colombia.


The two pictures represent the old geography of Colombia about 100 million years ago,

Very soon we will be writing about the formation of emeralds in Colombia. Follow us ...

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